The Decentralization Manifesto

The #BYPASS Movement is premised on the belief that Power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Therefore, allowing power to become concentrated in the hands of the few (Centralized) can only lead to tyranny and destruction.

In recent times, our societies have become dominated by increasingly powerful Centralized governments and the provision of goods and services monopolized by increasingly powerful Centralized business interests.

These entities frequently collude in order to further consolidate their power; a modern phenomenon known as “Corporatism” or “Fascism”.

This historically unprecedented Centralization of power is directly responsible for the historically unprecedented tyranny and destruction of the past century.


With the advent of the modern internet, a new revolutionary movement has emerged; one with the power to render all Centralized institutions obsolete and eliminate the threat of tyranny forevermore.

It is a revolution which enjoys the distinction of being cooperative, rather than divisive.
And one which is fundamentally nonviolent.


Given that Government Is Centralized Power.
And given that All Centralized Power Structures Are Corrupt By Design.
It is proposed that There Are No Political Solutions To Any Of Our Problems.

And that the only way to achieve and maintain peace, prosperity and freedom is to Decentralize Every Single Power Structure In The World To The Greatest Degree Possible.

This can be accomplished by using modern technology to creatively apply the principles of Open-Source and Decentralization to all aspects of our lives; effecting the creation of new, non-hierarchical societies which are sustainable, equitable, and enjoyable for all.

We must join together, and Become the change we want to see.
Not beg those in power to create it for us.
This is the #BYPASS Movement.

And this website is intended to serve as an ever-evolving portal that will promote this philosophy, link to resources, and connect those who wish to bring about a peaceful and prosperous future for all humanity.

Gary Lachance

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