What is The #BYPASS Movement?

One year ago, the #Occupy Movement began, founded on the question, “What is our one demand?” A singular demand has yet to emerge. Here’s what I believe it should be:

I happened to be in New York City for Occupy’s one-year anniversary last week and was inspired to write the above speech; planning to share it at one of their rallies. But time ran short and I ended up having to record it after I’d flown back to Canada, on my iPhone, in my Grandma’s backyard, on a windy day. After many takes, it somehow came together.

I’d been developing the #BYPASS concept for awhile, but didn’t expect it would crystallize this quickly, or in this fashion. But it certainly did and I’ve been working nonstop this past week to edit the video, write the copy, create the logos, and launch the website, Youtube, Facebook, and Twitter accounts. Everything is still very rough, but coming along…

Was I qualified to propose a radical new direction for the Occupy Movement?
As a Decentralized, leaderless movement whose “One Demand” has not yet materialized, it seemed safe to assume so…

#BYPASS is unique in that it is a simple, peaceful ideology that can be easily practised by anyone, anywhere. Fully Decentralized, it requires no leaders, consensus, or Occupied territory. It also enjoys the distinction of beingĀ 100% positive and non-confrontational.

To participate, simply apply the principles of Open-Source and/or Decentralization to #Bypass any Closed or Centralized institutions you feel to be unjust or illegitimate.
And inspire those around you to follow your lead.

This process is already well underway and rapidly gaining momentum worldwide, but it’s my belief that if we can put a name to it and help people to recognize the importance of their small-scale, seemingly isolated actions, it will inspire and give hope and promote connections and demonstrate our incredible collective power!

Adding a #BYPASS hashtag to our efforts will help to speed the process :)


Gary Lachance